With My Tweet Place, you can do all tweet in one place: Tweet, Your Stats, Trends, Mentions, Inbox, Timelines, Monitor Keywords, Auto Follow and much more…

My Tweet Place is a web app created for all those who need an effective twitter client to manage their community.

My Tweet Place’s features:

  • Manage multiple accounts without a single page reload, using Twitter’s OAUTH to protect your identity. That makes it a usefull and secure site for its users.
  • Update your status of different accounts at the same time, Allowing you to shorten URLs( through Bit.ly.). Sharing Photos (through TwitPic) and videos ( through TwitVid) without the need of open a new tab on your browser!
  • Schedule tweets to post them on a future date and time. That allows you to manage your campaing daily, weekly or just personal tweets.
  • Translate your tweets to send them on the language you wish, and also translate to your language those tweets you don’t understand
  • Share your location and then your followers will now where you are! You can also watch where they are on a google map if they are sharing their location.
  • Watch who mentioned you, who have retweets your tweets and also check your inbox and sent messages
  • Manage your followers and friends, seeing who is following you and who doesn’t
  • Watch your friends and public timelines, or your own too. You can also watch current, daily and weekly trends!
  • See which of your friends are not following you
  • Auto follow those who are following you, and send them a welcome message
  • Analyze the progress of your followers, showing the stats of the last 2 weeks!
  • Watch the impact of the links you tweet using the bit.ly tool, how many visits and where they come from.
  • Search different keywords at the same time, and read tweets of a user that you are not necessary following
  • Auto tweet posts of your preferred blogs, very similar to Twitterfeed.com

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