For blogger who use to blog, is easy to add in Google Adsense into their blog. What they need to do is go to “Add and Arrange Page Elements” section to “Add a Gadget”. For those who use WordPress (self-host), it may a bit more work if manually copy and paste the code. Luckily WordPress user can use Plugin to integrate with Google Adsense.

Below the 3 free WordPress plugin, not just support Google Adsense, but also other similar Adsense. You can easy set the Adsense appear in the position you wish, eg. above and below your post content etc.

AdSense Manager

AdSense Manager is a WordPress plugin for managing AdSense ads on your blog. It generates code automatically and allows positioning with Widgets. Automatic Ad Code Importer for all supported networks. Widgets & Sidebar Modules compatible. It support Google AdSense, AdBrite, AdGridWork, Adpinion, Adroll, Commission Junction, CrispAds, ShoppingAds, Yahoo!PN and WidgetBucks. Click here to download.

All in One Adsense and YPN

All in One Adsense and YPN is a Free and Open Source WordPress plugin which is able to automatically insert google adsense ads or yahoo publisher network (YPN) ads in to your posts on the fly. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 post or 100,000 posts, it will insert your ad code into all of them automatically. You can control all aspects of your ad’s display and position. Just specify ad color and position in the plugin options, your ad code is automatically generated and inserted. Advanced users can add html and css code before and after the ad to have total control of the ad display. Click here to download.

Smart Ads

Smart Ads automatically inserts advertisements like Google Adsense above and below your post content. These advertisements are only visible when viewing a single post (single.php or page.php). Since it doesn’t make sense to fill small posts with ads, users can set a “Wordcount” minimum for their advertisements.

Smart Ads will only insert advertisements into posts that meet or exceed the desired Wordcount. Also, to ensure that new content remains fresh, users can choose to only place ads on posts that are over a certain amount of days old. Advertisements can be manually disabled on a post-by-post basis while writing a post, by category, or for registered blog members. Click here to download.