What blog are you using; Blogger, WordPress, Moveble Type etc. A lot of Blog applications in the market these day.

So which is the better one?

That is no real answer, is depend on you. But if can, try to have this 2 blogs, Blogger & WordPress. For Blogger, go to Blogger.com register an account (if you already have Gmail account then you can use your Gmail account, because Blogger is under Google).

For WordPress, buy your own domain & hosting. Install WordPress into your own server. You can download Wordpress from WordPress.org.

Both blog, You can links each other.

Example like I’m create this site using WordPress platform & I link it with my the other blog http://1internet-business.blogspot.com, which I’m create in Blogger.com.

Beside these international Blog site, different country also have their own locally Blog site. If you have certain purpose to target specify country, then you better create a blog using their local Blog site. Like China, can use Sina blog, Sohu blog etc.

Which blog platform are your using now?