Tilt-shift photography or miniature faking, the popular and fashionable method of making big objects look like tiny model photographs. Tilt-Shift refers to the use of a technique that involves use of a selective tilt and focus movements using small and medium size format cameras.

For the past this affect can either be achieved with a special camera lens and other shooting techniques. But now, thanks for the technology; it can be done with iPhone apps. Below is the top 3 Tilt-Shift Apps for iPhone.

TiltShift Generator – Fake Miniature »

Tilt-Shift Apps for iPhone Tilt-Shift Apps for iPhone
TiltShiftGen enables you to control perfect lens blur and color effects! Best App Ever Award’s Best Photo Manipulation App Second Place.

By adjusting various parameters, it allows you to apply many ToyCamera effects on your pictures: from miniature pictures to vintage styles images. This app is especially focused on Bokeh and DOF.

It is an indispensable app for all the ones who like fashionable ToyCamera style pictures.

With TiltShiftGenerator you’ll also be able to take a simple photo and adjust the details of each picture taken with camera apps such as my ToyCamera.


  • Various resolution (from 320 to original size)
  • Radial, Ellipse and Linear shaped blur
  • Contrast and Saturation control
  • Vignetting control
  • Camera and library import
  • Direct email, twitter and facebook support

TiltShift »

iPhone Tilt-Shift Apps iPhone Tilt-Shift Apps
Focus on a linear or elliptical region in the image with visual guides and interactively adjust the amount of blur for maximum effect. Increase color saturation, contrast or brightness to increase the toy model look.

Create a nice bokeh effect with the lens blur filter in night scene photos. Blooming strength and threshold are adjustable. You can even choose a shaped aperture (hexagon, heart, dollar sign, etc.) if you like.

The size and orientation of the focus can be adjustedby the multi-touch gestures pinch in, pinch out and rotation of two fingers around a common center.

Practice with dozens of images that are included or use the camera and photo roll. The resulting image can be saved in high resolution. Both portrait and landscape mode are supported.

Miniaturizer »

Tilt-Shift Apps Tilt-Shift App
Miniaturizer is a simple tool to convert your landscape photos to miniature look and feel in a simple way.

You don’t have to buy Tilt-Shift lens to take these miniature looking photos anymore!!

  1. Load an image from your existing Photo Albums.
  2. Use your finger to select the main focused area.
  3. Use your two fingers(pinch in/out) to make the focusing area widen or narrow.
  4. Press the process button and you’ll get a completely new photo.
  5. Save the miniaturized photos to your Photo Albums.
  6. Try the contrast enhancement on/off for the better results.