With the new Facebook Timeline, every status update, wall post and photo ever posted since the day you joined Facebook becomes easily searchable to you and your friends.

Below are 4 quick and easy tips on how to personalize, privatize, and generally get the most out of new Facebook Timeline privacy settings.

Right click the “pencil” icon on the right hand site top corner of the post. Select “Hide from Timeline” or “Delete Post…“.

facebook timeline privacy - hide from timeline

On your Timeline, click “Activity Log“. This “Activity Log” is completely private to you only. You can see a list of all your old Facebook posts and activity, organized by date. Click on the “O” icon and select “Hidden from Timeline” or delete it.

Facebook Timeline privacy setting

Go to your Privacy Settings page, enable this “Limit the Audience for past Posts“. The old content on your Timeline that you’ve shared such as “public posts” will automatically change all to Friends view only.

Facebook Timeline privacy setting

Go to your Privacy Settings page, select “Edit Settings” next to “How You Connect“. Select the drop down menu next to the last item “Who can see posts by others on your timeline?” and choose “Custom“. Type the names of the people or the friend lists that you want to exclude from viewing posts from others on your wall.

FB  privacy

How to create Facebook friend list?

For exclude friend list from viewing posts, you need to create the friend list first (same as Google+ Circles feature).

On the left hand side of your Facebook Home page, toward the bottom you’ll see “LISTS“, Mouse over the “LISTS“, click “More“, you will see the Lists page.

Facebook friend list

You can add friends individually to lists like Close Friends, Family, Co-workers or create a new list.

create Facebook friend list