Looking for blend 2 pictures together without using Photoshop? FotoMix is a free photo editor designed to mix and manipulate image files for the purpose of creating beautiful montages. Even beginners can use the full potential of FotoMix.

FotoMix offers numerous editing options and it is very easy to use. It is a great choice for users who don’t have much photo-editing experience but need a basic way to combine elements from different images. It allows you to blend a person or object from one photo into another background by simply painting over the areas you want to become transparent and then inserting the object into a new background.

photo editor - merge two pictures

It lets you perform many actions, you can also use the software to remove or replace backgrounds, create photo collages, blend multiple images into one, and for many other fun projects.

FotoMix Features:

  • 3 different types of backgrounds for a new project
  • Can edit a previously made image
  • Resize Image
  • Crop Image
  • Rotate Image
  • Mirror Flip Image
  • Tune Image
  • Different Effects can be applied
  • Deformation of an Image
  • Foreground editing
  • Simple Brush Tool
  • Erasing Tool
  • Change the composition
  • Final touchup tools
  • Multiple format support
  • Easy to use interface
  • Shows tooltips at the bottom

Click here to download free photo editor FotoMix