Every website owner also hope can get high traffic. Because the more visitors, mean more people know your website (business), the more sale you get. If your website traffic very low, try use StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is a social networking website that allows users to adding friends, to share and recommend sites they find around the Internet. And StumbleUpon can increase your website traffic.

Here the basic step to start your Stumble!

1) Go to StumbleUpon sign up as member and Install the toolbar.

2) Go to “Preferences“, click “Manage Interests” and select the interests topic you like. Don’t forget to save preferences after finish select your interests topic.

3) Go to your website or blog (If blog, you can choice one of the post page), make sure you are sign in StumbleUpon.

4) Click on the StumbleUpon toolbar “I like it!“.

5) Fill in the review, topic and tag. Click “Submit This Site” and done.

Note: Don’t keep submit your own site. You need to submit other people site too. If you keep submit your own site, your account and site will get banned. And also don’t too hard sell, if reader know you keep Stumble! sites are sell your product, reader will run away.

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