Make sure your website homepage is SEO friendly. Don’t forget to key in your website <title>, <description> and <keywords>.

You can find this 3 sections on top of your HTML file, e.g.
<title>your title here</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”your description here” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”your keywords here” />

Use <h1> tag to manage your content Header / Title. Because search engines place more emphasis on text within heading tags.

Write a good introductions. Apply your keyword into it. SEO writing is different from normal content writing. First you need to comfirm what keywords to use for your website. From that your write an introductions & fit in with the keywords.

Try not to create a fully Flash site in your homepage.  If your homepage is fully flash, mean the search engine spiders can’t crawling your site and it will effect your website search ranking. Potential customer also can’t search your website in search engine.

Especially the Navigation, No Flash. If possible try make the Navigation menu as text link. If really need to use image as Navigation menu, make sure you put <alt> and <title> in the HTML img code. e.g. <img src=”images/book.gif” width=”100″ height=”80″ alt=”book” title=”book” />. Because search engine can’t read image file, you need to put the  <alt> and <title> to let it know what the image is.

And also put a HTML links at bottom of the page. Incase spider miss out the images link, the spider will still follows the HTML links on the page to other pages and to external sites.