Normally we are using PowerPoint to do presentation, but it will be good if can change the PowerPoint presentation to Flash too. This is not just for you as a backup file and it also make you convenient, because Flash based presentations are compatible with Macs, Linux, Solaris, HP, SGI workstations, PDAs (PocketPCs/Windows Mobile and PalmOS), and hand held devices.

authorPOINT Lite is a free PowerPoint to Flash converter with PowerPoint plug-in that quickly and easily converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash. authorPOINT Lite is easy-to-use, and provides fast, accurate and high quality conversions of PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps, .pptx and .ppsx) to Flash (.swf). Once converted, your Flash presentation has the same impact as your PowerPoint presentation retaining its effects, sound, animation, and rehearsed timings etc; plus you have all the benefits of a Flash file like reduced size, secure content, and easy distribution on the Web.

Features of authorPOINT Lite:

  • Converts PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps,.pptx and .ppsx) to Flash (.swf)
  • Batch conversion where you can convert multiple PPT to SWF files
  • Supports animations, sound on animations, Transition sounds, animated GIFs, narrations, and rehearsed timings
  • Options to select preferred quality- and conversion settings for the output

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