Performancing Ads is a new Blog Ads platform. It own by SplashPress. Any blogger can apply, account approve on the spot.

The Ads display format is 125 x 125. You can display the Ads either in your blog header, sidebar or footer.

You can set how much you want to charge for the Ads, Price per Ad (weekly). If get Advertiser buy it, you will get 60% of the price. Performancing Ads will get 40%. Example, if you charge $10 for the Ads, mean you will get $6 and Performancing Ads will get $4.

The payment will pay to your PayPal account every month. So you need to have Paypal account.

Performancing Ads get one more feature is if not Advertise buy your Ads space, it will display other non money Ads and you will earn credit point. You can use the credit to create your own banner to display in other blogs.

Performancing Ads also have plugin available. It support most of the PHP platform Applications, eg. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal etc.

After sign up as a member, you need to add your site. Go to “Add a Site“, fill up your Blog detail.

make money from your blog

Next go to “Add a region“. On this section, you can set how many Ads you want to display and how much you want to charge. The default price is $2.50.

make money from your blog

After Add a region, you will get a code. Paste the code to your blog, where you want the Ads to display.

For WordPress user, install the plugin and activated it. You will find the Performancing Ads widgets in Design > Widgets section. Drag the Performancing Ads widget into your sidebar. The menu for the widget gives you the option to input the region ID, eg.1234. Click here to learn how to install WordPress Plugin.

Click here to read more detail about Performancing Ads.