Looking for catalog maker or catalog builder that makes it easier for you to turn your static business catalog into actionable online catalog and online brochure?

An online business catalog is a simple and effective way to display your products to attract sales. Here 3 online catalog maker for you to make your own business catalog.

Free Online Catalog Maker »

free online catalog maker
Free Online Catalog Maker will bring you more surprises than you can expect. Only if you want, you can create as many flip catalogs as you like because this software allows infinite catalog conversion for free. With powerful custom settings it provides, this flash catalog maker will enable you to output different good-looking versions. And what’s more, you can batch convert multiple Text to multiple different flip catalogs or merge all files to a single one publication.

Online Product Catalogs Maker »

online catalog creator
Catalog Machine helps to build online catalogs for people who dislike complex design tools, but like to do and publish their own catalogs having full control over the process. Catalog Machine allows anyone to create a database with any kind of products and services, design templates for them and then quickly build catalogs for publishing and sharing.


  • Quick edit of product contents, prices and images
  • Easy maintenance of product data and updates
  • Make niche / client / event / seasonal catalogs, brochures and flyers
  • Create catalogs with rich content and flexible layout
  • Full control over design of product catalog pages
  • Templates can include images, rich text and advanced formatting
  • Any product can use multiple flexible templates in catalogs
  • Multi image upload with drag & drop support
  • Produce catalogs in PDF & HTML formats
  • Publish catalogs for immediate download, web browsing or sending by email
  • Optimized for search engines (Google, Bing) and social graphs
  • Sharing for popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
  • Responsive layout for tablets and mobile devices
  • Track page statistics by date ranges
  • Analyze catalog views by dimensions (Geo, referrals, social networks, browsers, etc.)
  • Connect your Magento store to Catalog Machine
  • Synchronize Magento products with one button click

Create your eCatalog in only three clicks »

online catalog builder
With Webpublication software you can offer your readers an unparalleled interactive experience. You can enrich your e-brochure with flash animations, hypertext links, videos, HD images, contents tables and tabs.

Webpublication allows you to add an unlimited amount of images, which is perfect for your e-brochure. There are no restrictions on the size or weight of your images either. You can even install our app on your iPhone or iPad which allows you to view and update your e-brochure on your device.


  • An exceptional fluidity with a maximum image size for your flipbook
  • Allowing you to understand how your readers navigate through your flipbook
  • Your Flipbook can be sent by email, embedded on your website, hosted on your servers, shared on your favorite social network, saved on a CD or a flash drive
  • Full customization – Your brand matters
  • Email and web links are automatically created inside your Flipbook. You can use an unlimited number of videos, flash animations or HD images.
  • Share your flipbook with your friends, colleagues or on your social network: Facebook, Twitter…
  • Download you interactive flipbook in PDF format: all of it, or just your selection
  • Each page of your publication is tagged. this allows you to take advantage of the Google Analytics power: location, traffic source, unique visitors