You can make some extra income from your website or blog through the Affiliate Program. Go to find affiliate programs which suitable with your website and blog, sign-up the program & referral visitors go to the Advertisers website. You will get paid if the visitor buy the product.

You can find a lot affiliate programs through below 2 Affiliate Networks:


LinkShare is a good affiliate network with a broad variety of clients. Everything from clothes to credit cards is up for promotion. With such a large selection of brands to choose between you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for your website or blog. LinkShare gives you plenty of helpful services and tools that help all merchants and affiliates optimize their work. Do like all the rest and increase your earnings via your website and blog. Click here to read more detail.


AffiliateBot is a growing Affiliate Network, attracting affiliates and advertisers alike. It is very easy to use for both merchants and affiliate. AffiliateBOT provides small to large publishers the opportunity to cash in on the rapidly expanding affiliate marketing industry and earn top revenue from some of the best performing affiliate programs on the internet. Click here to read more detail.