Internet already be part of our life, no one can deny this situation, especially go into WEB 2.0 era. Same as business, it is foolish if you try to ignore Internet and keep it out of your company marketing plan.

Because of the Internet population, Website design is become even more important. These day a lot people when they want to find about your product or services, the first thing they will do is go online & check the information through your company website. This mean most customer first contact with you is through your company website. If your website in not well design, not User Friendly and not look Professional enough, customer will think Can I trust this company? , then you may lost your potential customers.

Create a website is very easy. You can do it your own with the DIY Website builder application or can hire freelance to do for you. But how to create an attractive, nice and beautiful plus Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly website is not as simple as you think. Over do it & do in the wrong way, it can be kill your business.

Compare to traditional Advertising media, your company brochure, press Ads, TV Ads etc, are more to one way information. Internet marketing can be more Interactive. Through Internet, you can Interact with your customers & members, understand their behavior. Utilizes Internet, you can easily communicate with consumers, promo your latest products, build your company Branding etc. Smartly using the Internet technology, you can build a Rich Media Website; Flash animation, Video, Audio, Interactive User Controls, Web Analytics for User Tracking, Online conference, Blog, Multi-Language Capabilities etc.

Combine the traditional Advertising Media and New Media Marketing properly, it can bring your business up to another level.