That’s a lot Internet marketing guru / Internet marketing coach in the market now. They open coaching class, selling make money online system etc.

A lot Internet Coaching company organize Internet marketing seminars these day. Especially in Asia country. Don’t expect can learn something through the seminar. Most seminars, the speaker just want to sell their coaching class package or the make money online system etc. They just keep hard sell the Coach/Guru, show how they enjoy their life, buy cars, buy property etc.

So how to choose a good Coach is very important. Here list down some tips to help you ignore it and not to fall into the trap:

1) Make sure the Coach get product to sell too
What I mean here is not sell the Make money online system or the coaching class. If the Coach are so good in the making money online, sure he/she get their own eCommerces website. Ask the website URL & take 2 – 3 weeks to observe the website. See how often the eCommerces website update & active or it just a fake site.

2) Top Ranking in Search Engine
See what keyword & description to make their website go on top ranking in search engine. If the keyword included “company name”, then this useless. Normally user won’t search company name. You try put your name into your website or blog, when you search your “name”, your website also can be in top ranking.

Some Internet Coach/Guru like to use “country” as keyword, eg, “Internet marketing India”, “iPod Hong Kong”. This can be use if your product is just for specify location. But how many users will search “iPod Hong Kong”??

3) Success Rate
Ask the speaker, every batch coaching get how many student success? If the speaker didn’t direct answer your question, then you better beware.

4) Success student & Testimonial
On the seminar, the speaker sure show testimonials or some will ask the success students sharing their experience in the seminar. Try talk to them & ask them questions. Write down the success students website URL, and go back to observe their websites.

Beware, success student & testimonial can be fake too. Because the student can get commission if you sign up the coaching or buy the product. Before you make money online, they make your money first.

5) Customer Service
Ask the speaker, is that still have any support, after attend the 2-3 days coaching class. Because you definitely can’t absorb all the information during the 2-3 days coaching. And if get any question, how to contact the support team? Need how long to get the reply from the support team?

Some coaching package included e-learning system, but make sure the e-learning system is good. I have seen some coaching company so call they have “the best” e-learning system, but actually is useless system.

Conclusion: Don’t sign up the course on the seminar day. A good Coach/Guru won’t “force” you to sign up their coaching course. Some coaching company like to “force” customer sign up on the spot, or at least pay deposit first. Beware this type of coaching company, if the Coach are good, he is not afraid you not sign up in the future.

Before sign up, better go to Internet to do some research about the coaching company background, or go to Forum sites to check any review about the coaching company.

In this world, everything get good & bad, just be careful a bit. Make sure not sign a wrong coaching course, if not, before you make money online, they make your money first.

And at last… Ask the coach why he still want to do this kind make money coaching, since he already make so much money online? Ask yourself, if you make a lot money online, would you so nice waste your time and open class to share the tips and secret with others?