The tutorial below is show you how to create reflection effect in Photoshop.

1) Go to “File” -> “New“, set the width and height you want.

create reflection effect photoshop

2) Create gradient background color, on your left hand site tool bar, click the “Foreground Color” plate, it will open out the “Color Picker“. Pick the color you want and then “OK“. After choose the “Foreground Color“, next is “Background Color“. Same step like “Foreground Color“.

create reflection effect photoshop

3) After finish choose the Foreground and Background Color, select the “Gradient Tool“, on your left hand site tool bar.

create reflection effect photoshop

4) Drop it from top to down.

create reflection effect photoshop

5) Finished create gradient background.

create reflection effect photoshop

6) Next step, select “Type Tool“.

create reflection effect photoshop

7) Type your company name (it can be any words, here I just use company name as a sample).

create reflection effect photoshop

8) If you don’t see “Character” plate, go to the top menu bar, select “Window” -> “Character“.

9) You can change the font face, color and size etc.

10) Drop Shadow. Go to “Layer” -> “Layer Style” -> “Drop Shadow“.

11) Set the setting; Angle: 120, Distance: 2px, Size: 2px. You can try play around with the setting, find the effect you want. Then click “OK“.

12) Duplicate layer. Select the “Type” layer, right click and select “Duplicate layer“. Give it a name and “OK“.

13) Move down the company name duplicate layer .

14) Go to top menu “Edit” -> “Transform” -> “Rotate 180“.

15) Go to top menu again, “Edit” -> “Transform” -> “Flip Horizontal“.

16) Move up the layer, close to the original Word.

17) Add “Layer Mask“. Click on the “Add Layer Mask” icon.

18) Click on the masking layer.

19) Select the “Gradient Tool“. Make sure the “Foreground Color” is white and “Background Color” is black. Drag from top to bottom.

20) Click on the “T“, change the Opacity:65%.

21) You are done.

This tutorial is let you know some basic Photoshop tools function. From here you can explore yourself to next level. Hope you enjoy it.