Compare to last ten years, create a website is not a big deal today. You not need to know HTML, CSS and other web programming to build a website, there a lot website builders in the market. Those website builders let you create a web site easily, with no code and no hassle.

Is easy to create a website, but how to create an effective website is another issue. Get website not mean sure get business. There a lot new websites online every day, how your website can stand out from others?

Before you start create your website, follow these 4 basic steps:

Step 1
Lists down the 5 websites you must visit everyday.

Step 2
Write down 5 reasons for each site, why and what attract you visit the website everyday.

Step 3
Content is king, study how they wrote the content and the title.

Step 4
Usable website structure and navigation. See how they structure their website and the navigation menu. Without proper site structure and user friendly navigation menu, visitors can’t reach the page, content becomes all but useless.

Spend some time to study and analyst the information you list down. Find out which info/ideas are useful and suite table for you. Then apply it into your website.