It already over 112.8 MILLION blogs in the internet. And it still keep growing. Most of the blogger have more than 1 blog.

To maintain the blog, especially those get more than 1 blog, it may take time to backup your blog content & the Database. And for those who don’t have the technical background user, it may difficult for them to use the phpMyAdmin to do the Database backup.

You can try use this 2 application to backup your blog:

1) BlogBackupOnline

This is an Online application. Mean you not need install any software in your computer. You just need to register an account & submit your blog URL.

BlogBackupOnline fully support Blogger & WordPress. It will automatic backup your blog content daily, includes posts, comments, categories, and tags. But this does not include backup the database.

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2) WordPress Database Backup

This is a plugin for those using WordPress (Own host). This plugin will update include your wordpress blog database.

You can choose when you want to update; hourly, daily or weekly.

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