Want to let your visitors to easily bookmark your web page by using any social bookmarking service. But to put all social bookmarking services into you website is very time consuming. Here have 3 useful social bookmarking service website to make your life easy. And best of all, it’s FREE!

1) SocialMarker

2) SocialMarking

What you need to do is just copy the code into your web pages. Both also have plugin for WordPress user.

3) AddThis

To use AddThis you need to sign up as a member, is free. AddThis provide more features. You can analysis how visitors are using your button menu, which pages are being shared, which pages are being bookmarked and shared most frequently etc.

You can customize the social button and inclued your Brand name in it. You also can create an email-only popup form. For WordPress user, AddThis have a plugin to download.

Click here to read more detail and sign up AddThis.