Feedburner get a lot of features, FeedBurner Email Subscriptions is one of it. FeedBurner email is a service that allows you to deliver your blog feed content to your readers via email. Sample can see on this blog, right hand side bar, the “Email Subscription” grey rectangle box.

1) Log in to your FeedBurner account.

2) Go “Publicize” > “Email Subscriptions” > “Subscriptions Management“.

3) Click the “Active” button & “Save

4) After save, you will see Subscription Form Code & Subscription Link Code.

5) If you are using Blogger or TypePad, you can use the ready widget service. Select your blog platform & click “Go!“. It will open a new window and ask you select which blog you want to add in the widget. After select the blog, click “Add Widget“, it will automatic install the widget into your blog.

6) For other blog platform, eg. WordPress, you can add in manually with copy & paste the code into your blog.

7) Copy the code. Log in to your WordPress blog. Go to “Appearance” > “Widget“. Add the “Text” to your blog side bar.

8) Click the “Edit” on the “Text” section. Paste the code in it & click the “Done button. Then “Save Change“.

9) Refresh your blog, you will see the Email Subscriptions.