Game booster software is extremely useful for those averages gaming hardware computer to improve gaming experience during playing modern PC game.

A smooth gaming experience requires good computer configuration but not all of us can afford to have the system reconfigured every now and then. Here 4 best game booster software to help you speed up your PC for gaming.

Wise Game Booster – Game Booster Software »

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Wise Game Booster is a free game speedup tool. Users can use it to boost up games by improving PC performance. With one click optimization, users can easily do this even novices. For advanced users, it is possible to manually close processes and unnecessary Windows services, and also do other optimizations. Add the games into “my games”, and then you don’t need to find the game from crowded desktop icons.

Game Fire – Game Booster Free »

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Game Fire is a FREE open source PC games accelerating utility that enables you to enjoy your favorite modern PC games by transforming your personal computer into a powerful gaming machine with a touch of button. Game Fire is suitable for beginners as it does not require any technical knowledge at all.

Game Fire puts your CPU and system memory at your service, by reducing stresses on CPU through closing unneeded processes and functions and by defraging RAM to free up unneeded consumed resources. This is done in a smart way without affecting system performance or security. This will result in a smoother gaming experience.

Razer Game Booster – Speed Up PC for Top Gaming Performance »

Razer Game Booster -
Razer Game Booster, a simple yet powerful solution to get the absolute best performance of your system and games. With just one click, it automatically enhances the state of your system and focuses all its resources purely for gaming. Razer Game Booster can get rid of interruptions by keeping only the gaming window on the desktop, and give you the ability to record real-time video / audio so that you can share your favorite gaming moments with friends around the world.

ToolWiz Game Boost – Download Game Booster »

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ToolWiz Game Boost allows you to treak your PC settings to increase gaming and Internet performance so as to improve gaming experience. ToolWiz Game Boost doesn’t modify your hardware or hardware settings. All modifications are performed via a single click of mouse. The interface is simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. No matter you are a computer expert or just a beginner, with just a one single click, ToolWiz Game Boost help concentrate every little system resource to enhance your gaming experience.