Work outstation but forget to bring the presentation file, need to make changes or update the document in last minutes & you not in office etc. If you have Online Office account, then you won’t have these problem any more.

There’s a lot of Online Office Software now. Can’t said the Online Office software will replace Microsoft office in future or not, but at least can use it as a backup or second solution for your business.

The features for the Online Office:

  • Access your documents on the web or on the desktop.
  • View and edit your documents from anywhere at any time in your browser.
  • Your documents are stored securely online. So the team members can asset to the documents and make changes together at the same time.
  • Save cost. Is FREE compare to Microsoft Office.

Here some most popular Online Office website:

Google Docs
Free Online Office Software

Free Online Office Software

Free Online Office Software

Live Documents
Free Online Office Software