Opsss… accidentally delete an important photo in your Digital camera, which need to use for the presentation tomorrow. Don’t be panic, use this Free file recovery tool to rescue, PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery.

free file recovery tool

PC Inspector Smart Recovery is a data-recovery program for Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory stick, Secure Digital Card, Microdrive, Multimedia Card, Microsoft pocket, USB drives/keys and removeable media. The software will bring back deleted pictures from any digital camera media.

Smart Recovery supports the following picture formats: .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, Canon .crw, Fuji .raf, Olympus .orf (E-XX), Olympus .orf (C5050), Kodak .dcr, Minolta .mrw, Nikon .nef (D1H/D1X), Nikon .nef (E5000/E5700), Sigma – Foveon .x3f. Plus Video files in .avi, QuickTime .mov format and audio files in .wav or .dss formats.

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