See a lot website and blog owners keep busy and focus on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Do links exchange, link building, open a lot blogs and create multiply social network account, link here link there… etc. Don’t over focus on SEO tactic.

I not mean SEO is not important, but to build a quality website and blog, SEO is just part of the section. Beside SEO, how about your website content, website design, product quality, customer service etc. Especially those who want to do Internet business, make sure your website is Usability and User Friendly.

If your website layout is messy, confuse navigation, content not attractive, useless informations… etc. Then even customers search and arrive you website and blog, they won’t able to actually use the site and understand the content, your site is just waste of their time. And the visitors won’t come back again because of that.

Remember, Build a Quality Website with SEO friendly. Not a bad site with SEO friendly.