Storify is a half blog platform and half web publishing social media tool. Storify does differently is give you tools to integrate other people’s voices into your own posts. With a few clicks, you can integrate the story you create with Facebook, find tweets from Twitter, images from Instagram and Flickr, and videos from YouTube and thread them into your post.

Create the Best Social Media Stories - Storify
Storify let you take photos, Tweets, videos and other social media content and put each piece into one story. It’s a great tool for blog and website owners who want to put together a media montage on a topic or current event.

Storify also provides a browser button that you can add to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari so that when you land on a Web page that has interesting content that you want to add to your Storify page, you can click the button and have new content added to your story quickly and easily.

For WordPress user, Storify comes out with an easy to use wordpress plugin for creation and embedding.

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