I want my company website get a great looking website design and thousand unique visitors.”

These days if you still think as above, then you put your internet business in trouble.

A cool & beautiful website won’t bring business. Traffic won’t guarantee sales. Don’t get me wrong, I NOT mean is not important to build a beautiful and high traffic website. But at first, you need to build a website with PURPOSE. Users go to Google is for search, Hotmail to check email, Facebook to social with friends.

Is the interface design user-friendly? Or the website graphic overload? Beautiful website means nothing if it does not usability and promotes credibility. Design can take you far, but it won’t take you all the way.

Is the quality of traffic sending to your website is a good one? Or are you targeting the proper audience? Is the content quality good enough? Once you get people to your site, you need to make sure that it’s set up in a manner that is welcoming and encourages return visits.

No matter how good it looks if it doesn’t draw traffic and that traffic doesn’t convert it won’t last too long. You must convert the visitors become your customers. You can have 100K visitors a day but if you can’t engage any of them you are better off with 10 visitors that engage. Conversion is an ultimate priority after traffic.