ClickBank recently come out a new affiliate tool, HopAd Builder. The HopAd Builder allows affiliates to easily create fully customizable ad boxes. This tool allows affiliates to customize both the look and content of ads to match their site, similar like Google Adsense. HopAds pay out the same affiliate commissions as Hoplinks created through the Marketplace.

Log in to your ClickBank account, go to “Account Setting”, you will see the HopAd Builder. HopAd Builder provide 2 types of Ads, Text Ads Builder and Tabbed Ad Box Builder.

Text Ads Builder
ClickBank Text Ads is similar like Google Adsense Text Ads. But ClickBank Text Ads allow you to customize the Ads size, width and height to fit in your website and blog.

Note: If you don’t want the border line, add this hopfeed_border=’NONE’; into your code.

Tabbed Ad Box Builder
You can specify the title and keywords for each tab, allowing you to promote multiple kinds of products from a single ad box.

To start creating HopAds to display on your site, click here.