Do it yourself or go for Web Design firm? Most of the people will face this issue. So which is better solution?

If you have some basic Web development knowledge, then you can build the website yourself.

And if you totally don’t have any Web development knowledge, then I suggest you better go to find Web Design firm or freelancer to do for you. This will save your times and money; go to buy book, online searching solution, attend seminar or coaching etc. It may make you spend more times & money at the end. Unless You confident you are fast learner and can learn basic HTML, CSS, php, photo editor application etc in short time.

Go for Web Design firm, mean your website design also can be more professional look. The website design is important too. Give your customer confident and trust about your company.

Tell the web designer what you want about your website. You can request after the website have done, handover to you that time, teach you how to update & maintain the website.

During update and maintainer period, you can slowly catch up the Web development knowledge. May be after 1 year, you can create your second website by yourself.