Are your company still using email newsletter to communicate with your customers? How the result, good or bad? These day not many people will open email newsletter to read, even the email newsletter lucky enough not go into the spam folder.

Actually beside using email newsletter, you also can using blog to interactive with your customers. Don’t make me wrong, the blog I mention here is not a personal blog. Create company blog not just can let you more interactive with your customers and in long term it also can building your company brand.

Kodak blog is an excellent example of a company blog. Instead of focusing on Kodak’s cameras, Kodak blog instead focuses on photography, it bring more value for customers.

The advantage of blog:

1) Blog get RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feature, your customer can “subscribe” to your blog and get regular updates delivered to their desktop, their RSS reader, or to their personal homepage at Google, Yahoo or Live.

2) For user experience, RSS feed is more friendly compare to email newsletter. User is in the position to choose want to subscribe or not. Email newsletter is more like “force” to receive it.

3) Blog & RSS won’t spam.

4) You can update your company latest news any time any where. Eg. Your company get event in hotel, you can update the event latest information to blog through your mobile, live and fresh.

5) SEO tactic. If you update the blog free quaintly and build quality content, attract more visitors and link building, your blog and website will get more high ranking in search engine.

Of course this not ask you totally give up email newsletter, you still need email marketing. You can combine use the blog and email newsletter together, provide better value and communicating with your customers.