When it comes to shopping, more and more consumers are heading to online shopping rather than the mall. When you shop online, you easily to compare prices and find the best deals, without spending money on petrol to drive all over town and to battle the crowds.

Most of the smartphone users use their phones for price check and price comparisons, making it the top mobile shopping related activity. With the right apps, you can check the products you’re looking at in the store to see if you’re getting the best price there, whether you should head to the store next door, or wait until you get home to shop online.

To get the best deal, here 3 best price check and price comparison Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Price Comparison – ShopSavvy

price comparison price comparison app
iOS | Android

With ShopSavvy you can create your own personalized shopping experience. Save items to lists to separate the must-buys from the maybe-laters, set Price Alerts to stay on top of prices, and customize your own profile and lists by adding photos and cover images. Find a product by scanning a barcode or searching for keywords, and you will get all the right information: Price, Details, and Reviews.

Price Check – PriceGrabber

price check app best shopping sites
iOS | Android

You can instantly find and compare millions of unique products and services across over 26 categories, such as Clothing, Babies & Kids, Electronics, Computers, TV’s, Furniture, Fashion, Cameras and more. PriceGrabber also offers shoppers the ability to view and price check over thousands of merchants and their respective pricing information for products and services, thereby enabling users to ultimately find the right product from the right merchant at the best price.

BuyVia Price Comparison and Best Deals App

best deals apps best deals apps for ios
iOS | Android

BuyVia is a mobile App that makes you a smarter shopper. BuyVia compares prices at national and local outlets and lets you set up alerts (including location-based) for products. Professionally curated Deals, Coupons, Local Coupons, Barcode scanning, Daily Deals and more.

BuyVia includes an App and a website, access deals anywhere you are. A single account, accessible from any device, holds all your information.