With the appeal of iPhone, photography absolute is a most favourite section of the app store. Mobile app developers design a lot of creative and interesting photo apps, there are apps that seamlessly blend multiple pictures into one panoramic photo, and others that include dozens of filters and special effects to create truly stunning pictures.

Here are 3 best and useful photo mobile apps for your iPhone.

Magic Hour Lite – Camera and Unlimited Filter »

iphone filter apps iphone photo filter apps
Magic Hour Lite transforms plain photos into extraordinary photos for every moment you capture. Magic Hour Lite has touch screen photo taking capabilities, front camera functionality, flash capabilities, focus and exposure functions that are very easy to use.

Magic Hour Lite square format photo app with 40 one-click filters and effects. Magic Hour Lite filters work best on lighter images, such as those taken in daylight or pre-edited to reduce underexposure. With its easy built-in hooks, Magic Hour Lite is a great app to use instead of Instagram’s own filters. After edit the photos, you can share it on social network services such as facebook, twitter, foursquare, flickr and even tumblr!

Magic Hour Lite compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Fuzel – Collage Made Awesome »

iphone collage app photo collage app
Collages are always an interesting creative outlet, and collage apps have always been a mainstay in the App Store. Fuzel comes with 36 preset layouts of varied widths and aspect ratios, many of which we haven’t seen in any other similar apps. Once you pick your layout, you can add in photos from your camera roll or take live shots right from within the collage.

Once you’re done with your collage,you can share your collages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email in high-res.

WiFi Camera – Wirelessly connect your iPhone and iPad cameras »

wifi camera app for iphone wifi camera iphone app
WiFi Camera will allow you to connect two iOS devices wirelessly, lets you take pictures on one iPhone using another iPhone or iPad’s camera. You will be able to receive and transmit the camera view with the other device, in addition to sending photo capture requests, which will take a full-resolution photo on the receiving device, transfer it to the requesting device, and save the photo on both devices.

  • Works on all iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches! (iOS 5.0+)
  • Fast image streaming!
  • Easy to use!
  • WiFi or Bluetooth connection!
  • Picture-in-picture view of what is being transmitted!
  • Beautiful, intuitive interface!
  • One-touch connect & disconnect!
  • Interface rotates with the device!
  • No extra setup required!
  • iPhone-to-iPhone, iPad-to-iPad, iPhone-to-iPad etc.