There’s no use of spending your cash on a fax machine or tie up your phone line, especially you just want to send occasional short faxes. The advantages of using online fax service is you can send faxes from everywhere and save a lot of time and therefore a lot of money.

Here 3 best online fax service for you to fax a PDF online.

PDF24 Creator – Send and Receive Faxes Online »

pdf to fax software
PDF24 Creator is a free fax software to let you send faxes online. Sending faxes is pretty easy with PDF24. It’s as easy as printing on a printer.

PDF24 Creator brings an easy to use fax feature. The PDF24 Creator Setup installs a virtual fax printer which you can use like any other printer in Windows. Printing on this special printer creates a fax file which can be send as a fax with the PDF24 Fax Service.

Sending faxes in two simple steps:

  1. Print a document on PDF24 Fax printer
  2. Enter a target fax number and click send

PamFax – Online Fax Service »

online fax service
PamFax is the latest generation of online fax solutions which combine comfort, flexibility and security. PamFax allows users to start by sending several faxes for free.

PamFax accepts over a hundred different file formats. Support for Dropbox, and Google Documents is built in to the service.

PamFax is also available as a local application for Windows, MacOS and Android. However if you only want to send a document or you are using a public computer, then you can use your PamFax Portal access to directly send a fax via the web browser.

PamFax features:

  • 3 FREE PAGES when opening a new account
  • WORLDWIDE coverage
  • FREE social integration, access PamFax from Facebook or Salesforce
  • UNLIMITED AND FREE fax reception
  • CREDIT PACKS starting at €10.00
  • OPTIONAL low priced subscriptions
  • SEND MULTIPLE documents in one fax
  • SEND TO MULTIPLE fax recipients in one fax

FaxZero – Free Online Fax Services »

free online fax service
FaxZero is free online fax services and doesn’t require any type of sign-up process. If you just want to send occasional short faxes, FaxZero is your best option. It’s easy to use, it sends faxes quickly, and it’s free. Faxzero lets users send 3 free faxes per day. You can send a fax for free anywhere in the United States and Canada.