Looking the best spy software to monitor your children or employee activities on internet and PC?

The internet is a vast source of useful information that can be used by children or employee to learn and extend their knowledge base. But like everything, it has its pros and cons. Perhaps you are just worried about your children visiting places on the internet you’d rather they didn’t, or trying to stop them going to parts of the system causing stability or security issues. Or maybe someone in your office, decides to send an e-mail or write important business data to his removable device for the purpose of steal, plus nothing worse than having them wasting their time surfing YouTube.

If you were looking for a monitoring software that could help you monitor your children or employee’s computer usage, here the 2 Best monitoring software for you to download free.

Spyrix Free Personal Monitor

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Spyrix Free Personal Monitor is a software for hidden record every activity of PC, both online and offline: keystrokes, network activity including social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Skype, Live Messenger and more. It automatically captures screenshots of all the activities, like applications used, under its installation directory for the visual evidence of any malicious activity.


  • Keystrokes logging
  • Invisible mode
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • URL monitoring
  • Apps monitoring
  • Screenshots capture
  • Facebook monitoring
  • Twitter monitoring
  • Google+ monitoring
  • LinkedIn monitoring
  • Search Engines Monitoring
  • Skype monitoring
  • MSN monitoring
  • ICQ monitoring
  • QQ monitoring
  • 20+ Popular IM Messenger
  • E-mail, FTP, LAN log delivery
  • Alert keywords
  • Analytics module
  • User Activity

Spyrix Free Personal Monitor is easy in installation and use; it can be installed in 1-2 minutes. Once installed Spyrix Personal Monitor, you will receive regular monitoring logs via email, FTP or local network for their further analysis on the PC.

Download Spyrix Personal Monitor »

Verity Parental Control

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Verity Parental Control gives parents peace of mind. It allows you to track and monitor what your kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy, non invasive way. Let Verity do the watching for you and actually see what your children do on the computer at your leisure and protect them for inappropriate sites.

Verity Parental Control Features:

  • Logs time spent in each software program
  • Logs websites visited on supported browsers
  • Online chat monitoring
  • Set daily time limits on computer usage
  • Counts the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks to measure activity
  • Use parental controls to block specific programs or websites
  • Takes periodic screenshots of the active window or desktop
  • Customize restrictions for each child by their Windows user login
  • Access stored data through a password protected web interface
  • Optionally set up the web interface to be accessible remotely from other locations over the internet
  • Runs in the background so you can continue to use the computer as normal

Download Verity Parental Control to monitor and track your child’s computer activity »