Facebook is ushering in a whole new world of social sharing apps that are easily integrated into the new Timeline. With Facebook Timeline Video Sharing Apps, you can post and share short-videos to your timeline or allows your friends to see what videos you’ve been watching.

Here 5 Best Facebook Timeline Video Sharing Apps:

1. Viddy »

viddy timeline video apps
Viddy timeline app has taken Facebook timeline to the next level. Through the Facebook Timeline app, Viddy users can now share video content directly to Facebook, and Viddy videos can now appear on a person’s timeline, News Feed and ticker.

2. Socialcam »

socialcam timeline video apps
Socialcam is the video sharing app on Facebook that allows your friends to see what user-generated videos you’ve been watching.

3. Klip »

klip timeline video sharing apps
Enjoy sharing videos with Facebook friends on Klip. The Klip Facebook app reinvents social video on the web by delivering a compelling, fluid experience and a gorgeous interface.

4. Shelby.tv »

shelby tv timeline video sharing app
Shelby.tv is an amazing way to discover and share video across Facebook

5. Incoming »

incoming - timeline video sharing app
Incoming is your personalized mobile TV channel. It learns what you love to watch, including the best videos shared on Facebook.