Flashtuts+ is a blog/Flash site made to house and showcase some of the best Flash, ActionScript and Flex tutorials around.

Flash Kit

Flash Kit is a one stop raw materials centre for flash creations, containing thousands of open source movies, online tutorials, help forums, sound effects and loops, and fonts.


FlashPerfection is the place for you to submit your Flash tutorials, tips and tricks. FlashPerfection incredibly diverse selection of Flash tutorials will help you to quickly discover your creative potential.


Hot Scripts is a comprehensive Web directory of more than 41,000 web development and programming-related resources. Hot Scripts serves webmasters, developers, business owners, marketers, coders and programmers, who are looking to build, enhance or improve their Web sites and intranets.


Kirupa.com is a site that aims to make designers better developers, and maybe even help developers become better designers. Kirupa.com try to accomplish that via detailed and (occasionally) funny articles that not only teach you something cool but hopefully show you that coding or designing can be fun.


FFiles, a rich resource of Free Flash Files. All of the files posted here by our wonderful community are available free of charge.

Flash Game Design

Flash Game Design is resource for making flash games. Here you will find tutorials, articles, and links to the best resources for creating and designing flash games.


FlashMyMind tutorials are meant for Flash and ActionScript developers. You will find loads of tutorials here. If you want, you can also take part in the forum!