Apture allows readers to dig deeper into a subject without ever leaving the blog post. When you click on any video, photo link, you will be able to view video, reference materials, images and other related media.

Apture works on any publishing platform: Blogger, TypePad, MovableType, self-hosted WordPress blogs, Drupal, and more! Search 50+ content sources with one click, or upload your own images and documents.

You’ll recognize Apture media links when you see these tiny icons next to links.
media icons

Clicking on a link (see the Demo) opens the related content in interactive Apture windows that can be repositioned or enlarged to fullscreen, while your readers stay on the page.

Apture also support Amazon Affiliate program, you can start making money with Apture by leveraging Amazon right within your Apture Embeds and Links, view the Demo.

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