Want to give your readers more valuable content and add more features to your blog and website, you can add a job board to your site. You can buy a job board software install to your server or write the job board application yourself, if you know programming.

How about if don’t have budget to buy the software and also don’t have programming knowledge? Then you can use 3rd party tool, as a publisher program. You can earn additional revenue by including job board and job search tools on your blog and website.

Here the 3 Online Jobs website which provide free job board:


Add Job Board to Your Website - Job-a-matic
Job-A-Matic is a great way to earn additional revenue from your existing website and provide valuable content for your users. You can view my Job-A-Matic customize jobs board here.


  • Fully hosted job board software, nothing to install
  • It’s completely brand-able
  • Back-fill jobs generate revenue & relevant content
  • We handle all billing and customer service issues
  • Astronomically fast setup, instant activation
  • Best of all, it’s free.

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Add Job Board to Your Website - JobThread
JobThread Publisher is a full service hosted job board with integrated ad module. Publisher can fully customizable, and allows you to become part of the JobThread Network.


  • Full service hosted job board software and integrated ad module
  • Best for larger or very niche sites
  • Friendly features, fully customizable
  • Revenue generator
  • No hosting, software, or technical maintenance required

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Add Job Board to Your Website
Indeed provide 3 type of products:

Instant Job Site
The Indeed Instant Job Site is a quick and easy way to add a full job search experience to your website, with job listings powered by Indeed.

The Indeed Jobroll is an easy way to add fresh and relevant job listings to your website or blog. The Jobroll can be added to your site in minutes, is continuously updated with new pay-per-click job links and can be targeted to the interests and locations of your users.

Job Search Box and Text Links
You may add Indeed job search boxes and affiliate text links to your website. Any Indeed job search results page may be used for your affiliate links.

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