That is no doubt; SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEM (Search engine marketing) are more & more important in the marketing line. Especially for medium and small business.

SEO is coverage large area, you need to do a lot hard works. Below is the list for basic but important SEO tips:

1) Different keywords for different page
Don’t be lazy and use same keywords for every page. Let said you have 2 posts / pages, one is talk about movie, the other one is talk about food, don’t share same keywords for it, and you must separate it. The movie page is just movie related keywords, don’t mix with food keywords.

2) Too many keywords
When using Google keyword tool and Wordtracker to do keyword research. Don’t select too many keywords. Focus on 2 – 5 keywords per page is enough.

3) Niche keyword
You need to find niche keyword, not general keyword. The keyword a lot people search not mean must be good. Compare “camera” & “canon eos”, “canon eos” is more better. This is because the people who search “canon eos” get more higher chances become your customer, compare who search “camera”.

4) Keyword density
Include keyword into your content can increase your website change in search result. But don’t over do it, if the keyword density too high, search engine may penalize your website in search result. Basically around 100 words, get the keyword appears five or six times is enough.

5) Use h1 tag
h1 tag not just mean large and bold font, it also tell search engine this is most important word in the page. So don’t leave out h1 tag. By the way, just use h1 tag in once per page, others can use h2 or h3 as many as you need.

6) Meta tags
These days, I still can see some of the websites without using meta tag “keywords” and “description“. Without “keywords” and “description“, mean your website is close the door for search engine. So don’t forget to use meta tag “keywords” and “description” on your every webpage.

7) Use alt and title
Search engine cannot read image. So you need to put alt & title on the image html code, it will let the search engine know what is it. If the image is Canon EOS 500D, key in the alt=”Canon EOS 500D” and title=”Canon EOS 500D”, eg. <img src=”images/canon.gif” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”Canon EOS 500D” title=”Canon EOS 500D” />.

8) XML sitemap
Create XML site map and submit it to the Google webmaster tools. XML sitemap in your web makes it easier for search engine spiders and robots to find new or updated content. Rather than crawling every page in your web, all they have to do is crawl the XML file and then go look at the changes or additions.