Web analytics is not just a tool for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of a web site. Poor performance impacts your customers’ experience, resulting in increased page abandonment, a loss of revenue and customer loyalty, and driving those customers to more expensive channels. Web analytics tool overarching business objectives, not just online but offline as well.

There are plenty of  Web analytics tools out there, and you probably already know the big guns such as Google Analytics and Compete. For alternative, here 5 Best Website Analytics Tools that will analyze a number of factors that go into a well optimized website and gain more understanding about your website traffic.

Advanced Web Stats »

Web Analytics Tools
Advanced Web Stats is a website tracking software for tracking performance and measuring success. Advanced Web Stats allows you to analyze and measure your site effectiveness and provides the right metrics to help you enhance website
effectiveness, click-through ratings and increase sales turn your visitors into customers.


  • Track business objectives using Conversion Funnels
  • Ecommerce reporting and shopping cart analysis
  • Alerts for unexpected changes of your metrics
  • Analyze website traffic using Individual Sessions
  • Hybrid Tracking Method to get comprehensive data
  • Advanced Segmentation of your visitors

Woopra – Real Time Web Analytics, Live Chat, and Web Statistics »

real-time website analytics tool - Woopra
Woopra is an real-time web analytics tool, like Google Analytics, but its focus is completely different. Woopra is based on the idea that the true power of real-time analytics comes from the ability to use it as the foundation of your customer engagement efforts. Woopra show you in real time who is using your website and what they’re doing. See individual visitors live and spot key customer segments. Receive email or mobile push notifications on their behavior.


  • Completely live and comprehensive, Woopra’s Live Dashboard gives you an overview of everything that’s happening on your website, instantly.
  • Woopra’s Visitor Profiles display details about each customer and provide insight into customer lifecycle.
  • Woopra is the sole analytics service that can send you custom Notifications straight to your computer, email or mobile phone.
  • Woopra is available on your iPhone and Android via comprehensive, easy to use apps.
  • Woopra gives you the tools to seamlessly make your analytics directly actionable by getting the right message to the right customer at the right time.
  • Discover which marketing channels are performing the best, which are performing the worst and improve them all using Woopra’s Campaign Tracking.

W3 Counter – Realtime Web Analytics for Websites and Blogs »

w3counter - Realtime Web Analytics for Websites and Blogs
W3 Counter is an analytics tool that updates in real time. You can find out who’s looking at your website right this very second, where they are located geographically, how they found your site, and which of your content attracts them.


  • Dashboard: Your High Level Overview
  • Live View: The Latest Activity On Your Website
  • Visitors: Get to Know Your Audience
  • Content: What Engages Your Visitors
  • Navigation: See How Visitors Move Through Your Site
  • Sources: How Your Content is Found

Crazyegg – Visualize Visitor Clicks »

website analyzer - crazyegg
Crazy Egg is an online tool that monitors individual pages from your website, allows you to see where users click, giving you a breakdown of where they scroll and how many clicks were made on each element. This make it easy to find out what works on your website and what doesn’t.


  • HEATMAP Tool – visually identify the most popular areas of a given page.
  • Scrollmap Tool – it helps you to see which parts of your pages are working and which ones are not.
  • Overlay Tool – see what Google Analytics is not telling you.
  • Confetti Tool – Gain greater insight as to what your users are doing on your pages, both mobile and full sites.

Clicky – Web Analytics in Real Time »

Clicky - Web Analytics in Real Time
Clicky Web Analytics is simply the best way to monitor, analyze, and react to your blog or web site’s traffic in real time. Real time data lets you react to changes in your traffic as they occur. Clicky also can capture analytics for those as well as it has built in support for Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, and HTML5 video. This allows you to track things like the average time spent watching a video which lets you know at a glance how engaging your videos are.


  • Watch visitor activity in real time with Spy
  • Track every individual visitor, including full visit and page view history
  • Video Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Customize each site’s dashboard to show only the data you care about
  • Access data on the go with ClickyTouch for iOS, or with our mobile web app for any smart phone
  • Set up alerts to be notified in real time about conversions, new visitors, and more