Pay per click (PPC) also called cost per click; is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, including search engines, where advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked.

Pay per click is a great way to earn money once you know the how it works, but there is not easy. You need to be real serious in order to make money using PPC. Go through a lot of tutorials, video, tips and tricks etc to gain more information.

Here 3 top Pay Per Click program beside Google Adsense:

Infolinks »

pay per click programs - Infolinks
Infolinks is text-relevant Pay-Per-Click Advertising. After a simple one-minute sign up process, you’ll see key words double-underlined throughout your website or blog text. Every time a visitor hovers over one of these double-underlined words, an advertisement related to what they’re reading appears. Every time a reader clicks on one of these ads, you get paid. It’s that simple.

AdClickMedia »

pay per click programs - adclickmedia
AdClickMedia is a banner and ad text network that distributes its ads through a pay-per-click network of publishers. AdClickMedia serve relevant ads on your web pages that your visitors will find value in, and get paid for each click. The pay-per-click advertising program is open to publishers of all sizes, so even if you’re just getting started, you can give them a try.

Clicksor »

pay per click programs - clicksor offers web site owner the opportunity to earn additional income by simply underlining a selection of click-able text or displaying targeted contextual advertising banners on their websites or blogs.