Over the last decade, Social Media is one of the most effective ways for you and your business to get more traffic and generate new leads. More than half of marketers who have used social media marketing for over 3 years reported an increase in sales over that period.

Social Media gives you a more direct path of contact between you and your market. Having a strong social network also allows you to communicate effectively with existing and potential users. Businesses saw a great opportunity to promote their products and services to reach their target market.

After launch a social media campaign, you need to know how to figure out if a social media strategy is working. There are numberless tools in the market, offering many ways to analyze, measure, display, and create reports about your social media campaign. Here 3 social media management tools for you to measuring your social media campaign results.

Facebook Ad Manager – Qwaya

facebook ad manager
Qwaya is a powerful Facebook ads tool which accomplishes what the Facebook ad platform cannot. With Qwaya you can create, publish, track, optimize and organize any Facebook ad types with more sophistication and usability than the tools provided by Facebook. What makes Qwaya stand out from other Facebook Ad management software platforms, is the combination of its analytic power and the ability to customize ads to split/ micro target your target audience.


  • Schedule your campaign running times
  • Automate campaigns with rules
  • Google analytics plug’n play
  • Test multiple targeting segments
  • A/B test multiple ad variations
  • Easily create new Facebook ad variations
  • Save your work in templates
  • Organize ad campaigns with folders

Facebook Page Management Tool – Zumny

Facebook Page Management Tool
Zumny is a Facebook page management tool, enable you to do more with your Facebook Page. You have the ability to monitor up to 5 additional Facebook pages.

Zumny can crawl the last 300 Facebook posts, and will count the “Likes” and “Comments” from every user to determine who are the Superfans for any page. It also includes automatic duplicate image detection so that you are warned if you are about to post a photo you have previously posted.


  • Multiple Page managers
  • Scheduling posts
  • Create and schedule Facebook Photo Albums
  • Auto-Share to Twitter and Tumblr
  • Find your Superfans
  • Get daily Post suggestions
  • Quickly upload multiple photos
  • Automatic Photo detection

Facebook Statistics and Reports Tool – Fanpage Karma

Facebook Statistics and Reports Tool
Fanpage Karma is an online tool allows you to do a fairly detailed analysis of your Facebook Page and a comparison with your competitors. Measure and improve fan engagement, Fanpage Karma is a great tool to do some digging about what you are doing right on your Facebook Fan Page and what you can tweak to make better.

Not just for Facebook, Fanpage Karma also provides valuable insights on posting strategies and performance of social media profiles like Twitter and YouTube.


  • Analyze and improve your posts
  • Get to know and understand your fans
  • Save time with beautiful readymade reports
  • Compare an unlimited number of pages and discover trends on time
  • Measure page performances
  • Post tagging – also for competitors
  • KPI comparison