Marketing dream come true, a truly remarkable success story has emerged involving a young Harvard graduate with an economics degree named Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks’ point guard, is making lots of people feel good these days. He is an inspiration to young Asian-Americans. He is playing basketball the way it is meant to be played: creatively and smartly.

Jeremy Lin Facebook Covers
Everyone wants “Linsanity” these days. If somebody had a checklist of what a brand should be, Jeremy Lin hits every one.

Below are 16 best marketing / inspiration lessons to be learned from this Linsanity:

1) Four Points Marketers Can Score From Jeremy Lin »

Jeremy Lin has electrified the sports world. Jerseys are flying off the shelves, New York Knicks television ratings have exploded, and tickets to see him in action are in demand. Yes, this former fourth-string point guard has reminded us that greatness can come out of seemingly nowhere and make everyone take notice—and cheer.

2) Jeremy Lin, Linsanity & 5 Lessons for Viral Marketing »

Jeremy Lin is on fire right now. In other words, Jeremy Lin has gone viral. The viral buzz seems even more intense than it was for Tim Tebow earlier in the year.

3) Linsanity: How the Internet Made Jeremy Lin a Star in Less Than a Week »

If Tim Tebow was the first athlete whose fame and cultural impact vastly outstripped his playing abilities, Lin is the first who created a Tebow-like impact in less than a week. Both owe the vast majority of their Q rating to the Internet, social media, and the user-generated buzz of whatever sociologists are calling this latest generation.

4) Entrepreneurial lessons from Linsanity »

what can Jeremy Lin teach an entrepreneur?

5) 5 Social Media Lessons Jeremy Lin Can Teach Marketers »

The basketball loving world has gone crazy over Jeremy Lin, an Asian-American, Harvard-educated and undrafted point guard who has sparked a mini-winning streak for the previously hapless New York Knicks.

6) Social media are all atwitter over Knicks’ Lin »

Overnight sensation Jeremy Lin is proving to be a perfect fit for today’s’ fast-moving, 24-7 social media environment.

7) What Does Good Look Like? Lessons From Linsanity »

The story of Jeremy Lin got me thinking about Talent – how we assess it, recruit for it and manage it once we’ve got it. It seems to me that there are lessons in the Jeremy Lin story that we recruiters have probably heard before, but never seem to really learn.

8) Jeremy Lin: marketing gold or flash in the pan hoops star? »

As the first ripples of Linsanity hit Asia, ethnic Chinese-American Jeremy Lin’s fairy tale rise has marketing men rubbing their hands with glee as they contemplate a potential candidate to fill the very large shoes left by last year’s retirement of Yao Ming.

9) Jeremy Lin, Knicks Star, Shouldn’t Be Too Quick To Plug Product »

Take it slow. Not on the court, but in advertising.


Jeremy Lin is a marketers dream – and to top it all off he is playing in the biggest media market in the world. He can be bigger than David Beckham, bigger than Michael Jordan – he’s Tiger Woods pre-scandal. Jeremy Lin is the American dream – for people, marketers and the world.

11) NBA’s ‘Linsanity’ offers marketing promise »

Jeremy Lin, the 23-year-old point guard of Taiwanese descent who has come out of nowhere to guide the New York Knicks to seven straight wins, has left many wondering if he can also help his team gain ground among Asian consumers.

12) Linsanity: A Lesson To Be Learned? »

Prejudice is a business risk. Had injuries not forced the Knicks to start Lin, MSG’s market cap would not be what it is today, and its shareholders would not be enjoying their windfall.

13) Jeremy Lin Already a Legend? Reality Checking the Hype »

Linmania. Linsanity. Linsational. Linitless. If you watch ESPN SportsCenter or listen to sports talk radio or read last week’s front-page story and sidebar in The New York Times, there is no contest. Better than Michael Jordan? Of course. Better than Wilt and Kobe and Shaq and LeBron? They shouldn’t even be playing on the same court with Sir Lincelot.

14) 10 Lessons Jeremy Lin Can Teach Us Before We Go To Work Monday Morning »

What can all of us learn from this young man — and how can we apply these same lessons to our own lives when we go back to work on Monday morning?

15) Lin-conceivable puns have run out for Jeremy Lin? »

So the Jeremy Lin craze goes on unabated — hotter, even, than the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue — but let’s don’t get carried away.

16) Oh the Linsanity! Lessons in Managing Your Career »

Career Lessons from Linderella