Find your built-in Android camera quite boring and looking alternative to your original Android camera app. Take your Android camera to the next level with these 10 must have Android photo apps and Android camera apps.

1) Camera360 Ultimate »

android photo app - camera360 ultimate android photo app - camera360 ultimate
Camera360 Ultimate is a cool and popular camera app and editing app for Android, and ever pointed as one of  TOP 100 technology products by PC World.

Camera360 Ultimate has a wealth of filters and effects, plus some cool scenes that make your picture really stand out. With its simple operations, fantastic effects, and fluent UE, Camera360 Ultimate won support and favor from more than 20 million fans in every corner on the earth.

2) Pudding Camera »

android photo app - pudding camera android camera app - pudding camera
With Pudding Camera, you can create a masterpiece using your smart phone, possibly even better than your DSLR camera!

Pudding Camera offers a variety of stunning filters and effects that certainly rival those of competitors such as Instagram, resulting in gorgeous, vibrant photos. The quality of the filters is excellent, and they really make your pictures come alive.

3) Action Snap »

android camera app - actionsnap
ActionSnap is a camera app fantastic for capturing action and movement! You can choose from 0.1 second intervals between individual shots to up to 5 seconds, depending on the speed of your subject and just how striking you want the effect to be.

ActionSnap provides cool effects including LOMO, Speia and more. Besides the default image ratio, ActionSnap also supports taking square photo.

4) Pixlr-o-matic »

android camera app - pixlr-o-matic android photo app - pixlr-o-matic
Pixlr-o-matic is a photo-editing app which allows you to add a number of effects to pictures you have taken. You can add fun retro effects to your photos in a snap and transform your photos into cool looking vintage images.

Pixlr-o-matic has three types of photo tweaks for you to choose, including color filters, lighting effects and borders. It offers more then 100 effects, 280 overlays and almost 200 different borders.

5) FxCamera »

android camera app - FxCamera
FxCamera is a fun and easy camera app which lets you take photos with various effects and definitely make your gallery of pictures on your phone much more interesting and fun to look at.

Fx Camera gives you five effects of camera styles plus the normal. The effects such as toy camera effect, fisheye effect, symmetrical effect will stimulate your creativity.

6) Photo Editor »

android photo app - photo editor android camera app - photo editor
Photo Editor is a simple and easy application for photo manipulation.

Adjust color, add effects, rotate, crop, resize, frame, and draw on your photos. Color adjustment options include hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness. Additionally, Photo Editor offers a large variety of effects for your photos including gamma correction, auto contrast, auto tone, blur, sharpen, oil paint, sketch, polaroid, black & white high contrast, sepia, and lots more.

The easy touch and pinch-to-zoom interface makes it simple to play with your photos and get the exact look you desire.

7) Little Photo »

android photo app free - little photo android camera app free - little photo
Little Photo was well designed with a simple to use interface and large number of plug-ins, filters and effects.

You can try out all of the filters just by take a photo or open an image from the gallery until you’ve decided on the effect that you like best then you can apply it.

8) Retro Camera »

android camera app - retro camera
Retro Camera spices up your Android phone’s output by adding stylish filters to your snapshots. With Retro Camera you’ll take delicious old-school pics your friends will drool over. Retro Camera includes 5 different old cameras, each of which applies its own filters.

9) Vignette Demo »

android photo app free - vignette demo android camera app free - vignette demo
Vignette Demo app is filled with photography effects and tools to make the most out of the camera on your Android. Vignette Demo is a versatile camera replacement app that’s equipped with nine different shooting modes, and a huge menu of effects and frame styles to modify your photos.

Take a picture with your phone or import a previous image and select from a huge variety of effects — vintage, toy camera, monochrome, tints, filters, color swap, or highlight, vivid, light leaks, and vignette.

10) Instagram »

android photo sharing app - instagram android photo sharing app - instagram
Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing social network.

Instagram big draw is its ability to add filters to your photos to give them that vintage look. You can make it look as if it was snapped on an old Polaroid camera, or give it that washed-out appearance that is so common with old family snaps. Transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family.